Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Kit, Plus Other Graphics.

Hey All!

I made a Kit recently for Mermay going on at My Tag Art.
Which I had for Free for Forum Members on their Forum, But I am no
longer a member on there, so my Scrap kit will not be available on there anymore
(will explain later why I am no longer a member)


I really like this kit. The colors are really neat and the possiblity is endless
with all the elements n papers. Not a Big Huge Kit, but a good amount with
really adorable Elements!

Here is a preview

                                                             DOWNLOAD HERE


Wanted to show off my New Pixel Set I created.
I finished her around Mother's Day, So I named her after my Mom.

Meet Deborah

Ain't She Cuteeeeeeeee!!!
If you would like to purchase this set or see more of what you can get in the
tube set you can do so by checking out my pixel site

If you are a Pixel Lover (like me .. lol)
I have a Raffle going on at my site. Only $5.00 per raffle
and each one comes with 3 prizes.
There are great stuff u can win, Lifetime Memberships, Lifetime with Tube License,
Other Memberships, Tube Set, Outlines, Sig Tags and much more....
Just go to the link above, When you go to the Menu page, You will towards the
Bottom right, the link to go the the Raffle page!
Also I have have a Freebie Page on there with Goodies for you all.
Freebies are a Limited Time Offer!!!


Hope You all Have a Wonderful Weekend. Be Safe!!