Thursday, February 21, 2013

Items up on ZAZZLE

Hey Everyone!!!
I have been told over and over to use my adorable graphics and make items with them and sell them.
Well now I am!!! So excited to have some items up for sale at Zazzle. I have Postcards, Keychains, Mugs, Console Covers and much more. Will be adding more as I create new things... but I do hope you like what I have so far. Gonna see about having a coupon/code thing for my items....

Please come check it out....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pixel Memberships!!!

Here are all my Pixel Memberships.
I am sure I am missing a few, please bare with me.

My Doodles - Lifetime Member

Sites with Memberships that links are no longer active

Golden Graphics Design
Candy Lane Pixels
Designz by Angela
Pixel Whispers
Midnight Tags
Faded Angels

Expired Memberships

Happy Bee Pixels
Paint My Dreams
Dee's Pixel Club
Adorable Adornments
Sabrina Pixels
Little Pixel Paw's
Vivi's Pixel Area
Completement Blinkies
Harmony's Lil Doodles


Pixels :)

Hey Everyone!

I have been saying over and over I need to make a Pixel section on my blog, I need to add my
memberships logos, tube sets I created and so on and for so long I held it off, BUT not anymore.

I will be adding my Pixels sets, Theme Weeks etc.. right here.

I have made some pixel sets over the years.

Here are some tags with my pixels tube in them...

My Britney X-mas Set. I created EVERYTHING u see.
Animation was all created by me.   

Frank and Zomb. 
A Halloween Set I created with two Characters (Frankstein and a Zombie)
Each one has different color outfits and looks great in any Halloween Pixel Tag. 
 James (from Twilight)
One of my very first homemade Pixels I have done.

 And Speaking of Twilight... Here is a Twilight Set I did
when the first movie came out.

 Deborah Summer
I took my Beautiful Deborah Doll Base and created a bathing suit and summer bkg
 I created the doll in the middle of the gift box. She is part of a Valentine Theme Set I did.
Gift Box was created by: Trisha's Treasures
 My Beautiful Deborah Doll. 
Named after my Mom for Mother's Day

I have the Britney X-mas, Deborah and Valentine Cutie UP for Sale. 

Britney X-mas comes with MANY elements
Different Color Hairs and Outfits, Bows, Lights, Bkgs,
Gift Boxes.. Lots of things to make a sure Pixel Tag.
This set is on sale for: $4.50

Deborah Tube Set
Comes with Different Hair Colors and Outfits
2 Hair Styles, Backgrounds and Holiday theme outfits (Christmas and St. Patrick's Day)
She is a beautiful set and is on sale for $8.00

Valentine Cutie Doll Set (with bkg and extra's)
Different Hair Colors and Dresses.
On Sale for $2.75

They are all END USE sets!!! 
If interested in purchasing any of the sets.. Please contact me at:

New Alice Pixel Tag...

Hey Everyone!
I have a adorable Pixel tag I would love to share.
It is Alice in Wonderland :)
I Just love Alice in Wonderland. Been a fan of Alice for many years
and have always wanted to do something pixel with Alice in Wonderland.
Now I finally did. 

She is so cute and has other characters that wanted to join her
including the Chesire Cat, Catepillar, The painting the roses red cards
among others.

I hope that you will enjoy my Alice Pixel tag.
Dunno if I will be making a tube set out of this just yet.
Still debating on it :p 

Here She is....

To Cute and all the elements u see I made from scratch :)

If you would like one with your name on it I am selling the Pixel Tags for
$2.50 each. 
They do not animated, but all adorable none the less ;) 

If interested in a tag .. Send the following to:


I have specials going on so make sure u ask me about them as well :)

Thank You so much. 

More Pixel Cuties .. I hope really soon.