Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Mask

Here is my First Mask I ever made...
Hope you like it.
Same rules apply (that were with the Halloween Mask)

Just Right Click and Save

Halloween Mask

Hey Everyone!
So I am back, this time with a couple of Halloween Mask I created.
Just Right Click and Save!!

(Do not Alter my Mask in any way or claim them as your own)
If using them in Tuts, please link them back to Ginnibug Designz. Thanks so much :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

My First Template

Hey There,
Got a New Thing, a very first for me.

That's right I made my very first template.
I made it for the Taggers Against Drama Forum

Here is a preview of the Template

And You can download the template

Enjoy and if you use it, Send me your results.
I would LOVE to see what you do with it :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another New Kit.

So You got the cute part of Halloween in my last kit.
How about something Dark right? Well I have created a awesome Dark Goth
Kit that not only could you use around Halloween, but you can also use this any other time.
Would look GREAT with Goth/Dark Tubes!

Here is a preview of the kit:
And you can get this for purchase

New Scrapkit

Got a really cute Halloween Kit up for purchase
at SNC.

This has tons of elements and papers. Great for Halloween!
Here is a preview.

You can Purchase this kit HERE:

CU - Bundle Set

Hey Everyone!
So I descided to put my Cu Items together in a Bundle.
I have bundle set for sale at SNC.
You get three of my CU sets PLUS a freebie set with purchase.

With this Bundle you get:
Magic Wands
Silvers Hearts w/ Beads
Glitter, Glass Chrome elements
70 + elements total in this bundle!
Buy the Bundle and you get the Chrome Element Set for FREE!

Here is a preview:
You can get this Bundle here:

Monday, August 15, 2011

CU - Notepads w/Wordart

I was playing and figured out how to make lil Notepads
You get Notepads with the Wordart - Princess on them
and Notepads with No Word Art on them. 

(Not all are Shown)

Price - $2.00

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New PTU ScrapKit - Groovy Baby!

Hey Everyone!
I have a cute new Scrapkit up for Purchase. My First PTU Scrapkit and I have also made it my biggest kit, so far. It has 37 Papers and 70 (yes, 70) Elements. I got the idea for this from Myka Jelina's Harmony, Melody and Chloe Rainbow Hippie Fairy.
If You would like to check out her Myka's beautiful artwork and the three images that inspired me

She has such GORGEOUS Artwork. Please if you have time, Go check them out!!

You can purchase this kit at
Scraps n Crap


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Problems Purchasing

Hey Everyone!
I am still trying to figure out the Buy Now buttons
and Checkout in Pay Pal. So if the buttons do not work when you try to order something
please send you orders of what you would like to:

Subject: CU Orders

And I will Happy to fulfill your order for you.

Thank You so much!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CU - Freebie

Here is a Lil Freebie for you.
It is MG Jewerly. I got the inspiration from one of my FAVORITE
Project Runway Designer - Mondo Guerra.
He made some beautiful Jewerly with simple colors and shapes which you can get on his site
Of course my Items are not as lovely as Mondo's Jewerly, but I made something really
small, simple and cute. There are Multiple layers with all sorts of Shape Clusters, Chains, Indivial Shapes
and Jewerly. I do hope you like it.

Any Problems Downloading, Please let me know

CU - VAMP Furry Bears

Here are the VAMP Bears
Aren't they adorable??? I love the lil fangs :p

Price - $2.50

BOTH FOR $5.50

CU - EMO Furry Bears

Here are the EMO Furry Bears

Price - $3.50

Buy The Furry Bears and the Emo Furry Bears
for $5.50
Buy Now and Get the Vamp Furry Bears for FREE!!

CU - Furry Bears

I saw a tut on how to make these adorable bears and just could not resist.
I LOVE how they came out and got so into them, I just had to keep making.
I made Regular Bears with a Design on the T-shirt and with No Design on the T-shirt.
You can put your own Design on the T-shirts (as long as you credit the bears back to me).
Also made some EMO bears and cause I am into Vampires, I made two very ADORABLE Vamp bears, which you can get for FREE when you buy the Fuzzy and Emo Fuzzy Bear sets.
I hope you like them.

Price - $3.50

Buy The Furry Bears and the Emo Furry Bears
for $5.50
Buy Now and Get the Vamp Furry Bears for FREE!!

CU - FireFlies

My Favorite Pastime as a Child was catching FireFlies with my sister and cousins.
I loved playing outside at night esp. at my Grandparents old house in South Orange, NJ
You felt so free just running around, watching the stars and catching fireflies. Life was SIMPLE back
than and I Loved it and miss those days. Making these made me think of the happy, fun time in my life.
I hope they will make you feel the same.
With this Set you get multiple layers also you get the original.
Such a cute set. One of my favs. so far.

Price - $3.00


Here is my First CU Item up for Sale. It is IPODS and I created these from scratch.
They are really cute and they come in a variety of colors. You also get a Greyscale one which you can
recolor to whatever color you like or just use the Greyscale IPod in your Kits.

Price - $3.00

Any Questions or Problems trying to purchase this item
please let me know.


Hey There,
Hope you like the new layout. Took me a bit to work on it and I still have some coding that needs
to be worked out, but other than that I really like how it came out.
The AWESOME Scrap Kit I used was from: Designs By Vaybs
If you get a chance, go check out her blog :)
Tube I used was from Zlata M - Pics for Design. I am LOVIN the tubes on that site!!!

Now onto Blog business .. LOL.
Got some really COOL Commerical Use stuff.
These are up for Purchase and you may use them in your PTU or FTU Scrapkits.
I have a bunch I need to post plus two FREEBIES for you to download. So bare with me here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New FTU Kit

Hey Everyone!
I have a Freebie Kit for you.
Happy 4th of July Kit!! Such a cute kit and mostly all the elements and ALL the papers were
created by me. Other elements were created by other talented Scrap Designers whose names
I credited in my TOU. It is for Personal Use Only and Has tons of elements n papers to play with.
I do hope that you all like it.

Any Problems downloading, please let me know.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New FTU Kit .. Plus a CU Freebie!!!

Hey Everyone!
Got a Cute FTU Scrap Kit for you all.
It is a Birthday Kit!

** Not all items are included in the preview **

I hope that you all Like it. Any Problems downloading please let me know!

Also I have a CU Freebie for You.
You may use this for PU or CU kits as long as credit is given.
Please read my TOU for more info.
It is small, but included a Greyscale Template for you to recolor
I hope that you all like it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Kit, Plus Other Graphics.

Hey All!

I made a Kit recently for Mermay going on at My Tag Art.
Which I had for Free for Forum Members on their Forum, But I am no
longer a member on there, so my Scrap kit will not be available on there anymore
(will explain later why I am no longer a member)


I really like this kit. The colors are really neat and the possiblity is endless
with all the elements n papers. Not a Big Huge Kit, but a good amount with
really adorable Elements!

Here is a preview

                                                             DOWNLOAD HERE


Wanted to show off my New Pixel Set I created.
I finished her around Mother's Day, So I named her after my Mom.

Meet Deborah

Ain't She Cuteeeeeeeee!!!
If you would like to purchase this set or see more of what you can get in the
tube set you can do so by checking out my pixel site

If you are a Pixel Lover (like me .. lol)
I have a Raffle going on at my site. Only $5.00 per raffle
and each one comes with 3 prizes.
There are great stuff u can win, Lifetime Memberships, Lifetime with Tube License,
Other Memberships, Tube Set, Outlines, Sig Tags and much more....
Just go to the link above, When you go to the Menu page, You will towards the
Bottom right, the link to go the the Raffle page!
Also I have have a Freebie Page on there with Goodies for you all.
Freebies are a Limited Time Offer!!!


Hope You all Have a Wonderful Weekend. Be Safe!!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another New FTU Kit!

Here is ANOTHER FTU Kit.
It is a SMALL kit, but adorable none the less.
I hope you enjoy. Also anything you make with my scraps ... I would LOVE to see your results!

I know the name is corny and I apologize. Just could not think of a name for this .. LOL

New FTU Kit

Here is a FTU Spring Kit. This is for PU ONLY Please!
I Hope you enjoy it. And If you use any of my kits I would LOVE to see your results!

If you have any problems downloading this kit, please let me know!

New Kits

Hey There Everyone!
I have THREE New FTU Kits for you to download and use. I orginally wanted to just make one kit, but than I got a but carried away and again made some really cute elements and papers that just either did not go with the kit, or they felt it would be to much to add them into the kit, so I made a seperate kit.

They are for PU only. But I do hope that you will enjoy them.

I Know this is a bit late, but here is a Happy Easter Kit!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

FTU Element Pack

Got Another Adorable Freebie for you!

A Small FTU Element Pack.
I made so many elements for the Irish Lucky Green Kit
that I had to much, so I cut the elements I created down and instead of just not using them. I figured I would
make a Element Pack to share with you all. I do hope that you like it.



New FTU Scrapkit

Hey Everyone!

I FINALLY got my Scrapkit done. I think for my first scrapkit that I did a pretty good job on it. The Papers and most of the elements were created by me. I know the Theme is kinda late, but I had started this kit and had so much going on that I could not get it all together til now. I hope you do not mind and that you all like my kit. I will be making more .. I am in the process now of making a spring/easter one and I have a birthday one in mind as well so look back for those.



Any problems with downloading, please let me know!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Everyone!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog. Here I will write some of my thoughts, feelings, random thoughts as well as some graphics and freebies. I am gonna learn to make Digital Scrapkits so I will have that on here as well, so look back for all of that.

I am still rather new with this, so it will take a bit for me to get useto how to use this. I hope it does not take to long .. LOL