Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CU - Furry Bears

I saw a tut on how to make these adorable bears and just could not resist.
I LOVE how they came out and got so into them, I just had to keep making.
I made Regular Bears with a Design on the T-shirt and with No Design on the T-shirt.
You can put your own Design on the T-shirts (as long as you credit the bears back to me).
Also made some EMO bears and cause I am into Vampires, I made two very ADORABLE Vamp bears, which you can get for FREE when you buy the Fuzzy and Emo Fuzzy Bear sets.
I hope you like them.

Price - $3.50

Buy The Furry Bears and the Emo Furry Bears
for $5.50
Buy Now and Get the Vamp Furry Bears for FREE!!

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