Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New PTU Kit - Michelle's Valentine

I have a new kit up for sale.
It is called - Michelle's Valentine
and it is a mix between winter and Valentine's Day
Made to match - Spazz's beautiful Michelle tube

Contains 65 Elements and 12 Papers

Cute kit for all those winter/valentines day tags (etc)

You can get the tube HERE
Matching Kit you can get HERE


Sunday, January 12, 2014


Well not only is my blog for Graphics, Tags n Kits
but now and than I will post some actual blogger stuff like sayings, thoughts

I put together this thing concerning friendship.
thought maybe it could help. 

:: How to Make Friends and Be a Good One ::

1. Do not do what others are doing, like what other people like just cause they like it,
dress the way other people dress, do what others are doing (like do drugs, steal, cheat etc),
pretend to invent a trend (like wear glasses) cause someone in your group wears them. That is what a Poser means, that is what a Poser does. Being called a Poser
is not a compliament.

2. Going along with 1 - Be who you are. If you are you and stay true to who you are, they will like you.
If they do not like you than they are not worth being friends with in the first place.

3. Remember Flattery is always nice, but no one likes a desperate copy cake (that is what they have siblings for. j/k ha ha ha)

4. Drama. Not Cool! Starting Drama. Not Cool! Getting involved in someone's drama where you have no business being in
again Not Cool! No one likes nor do they appreciate or respect those who live for drama.

5. Going and telling someone, someone said this and this and that while doing this, dress in that when she was sleeping with
on the day of etc. you may think it will give you ranks in what you believe to be a friendship by telling others that people
said things about them, Or broadcasting what a certain someone said or did but in all reality it makes you look like a RAT
and well, NO one not even your Momma likes a rat!
Reread number 4!

6. No one appreciates a backstabber. If you have the balls to say something about someone behind their back than you
can have those same balls and tell them TO their face as well. If you do not have the balls to tell them to their face, than what
you need to do is KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT! People are not as stupid as you think they are, they know if you talk about
someone else behind their back more than likely, you will talk about them to. No one wants to be friends with someone who will put them
down whenever they are not around. Refer AGAIN to number 4.

7. I am sorry to be the barrel of bad news but NO ONE cares who you slept with last night!
Bragging about your f*%k feast of the week is NOT attractive. It makes you trashy! Talk about
Kittens or maybe even The Walking Dead. You will find at least one person who likes kittens and/or The
Walking Dead or even both! Much better conversation than hearing about you getting off with some
random bar dude! Try it sometime. Bet you will get better looks as well with that topic :) and NO one
will laugh behind your back. Hey another plus :)

8. When someone is being honest with you about something. Do not flip out on them and threaten
them. Just take what they have to say. Real Friends are honest. Honest does at time hurt, but would
you rather a friend that lies to you? think about it. Sure honest gestures can be ugly at times, but in the
end you will respect one another cause you both no, no matter what you can always talk to one another
and be honest with eachother.

9. Sleeping with or even hitting on your friends boyfriends/husbands/fiances is not a good way to show someome you are
their friend. Friends will NOT hit on their friends man/woman. It is always rule 1. in the friendship guideline!
If you do not follow it, well than you should not have friends plain and simple!

10. Hanging out at a bar does not mean you and someone are Best Buds Forever. Think back to when you were in High
School and you had a Best Friend Forever. Did you only hang out at school? No, You went to the mall, had sleep overs,
hung out at one anothers house, was on the phone for hours talking about your latest crush and how you hate this one mean
girl in school, giving out friendship bracelets, boys had secret handshakes, played or watch sports together, went to the mall
and hit on girls. Those are what friendships are like, hanging out always. Not just in one specific place one night of the week.
Sure, as we are adults we have bust lives. We have jobs, kids, and so on.. but five mins everyday does not hurt to call your
friend to see how they are doing. Not gonna hurt to get in your car drive over and see your friend. Everyone can make that five mins
a day, 15 mins a week for a friend or a best friend. Unless your in the ICU or dead, there is no reason why you can not make that
five mins for a friend. and Texting sorry to be the barrel of bad news again, but texting does not and should not count.

11. Having lots of myspace, twitter, facebook friends does not mean you have friends. Sure, I am sure some of them are your friends
but unless you actually associate with them (refer to number 10) they are not really a "Friend" more like a buddy. Phone numbers on
your phone. You should only have those you talk to the most, Family, Doctors, Schools (if you have kids), Emergency numbers,
your significant other things like that. All others, if they do not associate with you (refer to 10 again) than they have no reason to be
in your contacts so delete. It does not make you popular. It makes you desperate and like a rat.
Social desperate Flies stick to shit and no one likes shit. No one! Move on! One True Friend is better than 50 FB, phone number contacts.
Think about it.

12. Put other people needs ahead of yours. If you can not one day return a favor, do not ask for a favor. If your back in itchy and you
want someone to scratch it well than you better make sure when they have a itch on their back, you can scratch it. Nails or not a simple
scratch can go a long way with someone. Can not bother with that simple scratch, well than one day when you need a big scratch to call
on no one will be there to help ease your itch. My suggestion, if your gonna be selfish and greedy invest in a back scratcher!

13. Always be kind. People admire those with big hearts. No one likes cold hearted mean people. It may seem they do, but they really don't.
So Even if you do not like someone, be kind. People relate better to nice people than mean bitchy people. Sure, nice people get hurt the most
but if you look closely they are the ones with the most friends and have people around them who respect and admire them.

14. Unless you have a really good reason do not threaten someone. Someone says something you do not like.
Ignore it. No need to threaten to beat their ass. Really what will that accomplish other than you looking like a total
jackass with a bloddy nose? Throwing threats around for stupid reasons is not gonna make you look good to anyone.
Not your friends, kids, family no one. No One is afraid of the big bad huff huff wolf so get over yourself.

15. People (well most anyways) love kids. So if you have kids and you are mean and threaten to break their bones, hurt them, neglect them,
allow your kids to live in a smelly filthy house, put your needs ahead of  your kids, etc. people do take notice. People will stay away, and if they
have kids chances are they are not gonna let their kids come to your house and play and have a sleep over etc. People will lose respect for any
person who is mean to a child. No one wants that around. Not around them, not around anyone that matters.

16. Having a filthy house, that smells like urine, cigarette smoke and every
where you walk there is animal shit or piss on the floor will not have visitors over anytime soon.
a little mess here and there especially if you have kids is alright, but total trash and shit smells everywhere
that is uncalled for. If  you can have time to sit and watch TV or play on your phone than you can get off your ass and clean
your house! Your kids should not be responsible for that mess, you should. Your the parent (this goes along with
15). Remember, shit brings bugs and no one likes bugs and No one likes to visit a stinky house! If you ever wonder why none of your friends come to visit you because
that very well could be one of the reasons. And guys in and out for a ram bam thank you mam does not count as a friend
coming for a visit, sorry!

17. Just because you shop at the mall, does not make you cool! A lot of people shop that the mall. Your not the only one! And I bet at
least two of the girls in your group shops at Bath and Body Works, Orders from Mary Kay, Wear clothes from a certain clothing store
or has a few necklaces that match their clothes. No need to brag, glad you bought something nice, good for you. That's good, but to buy
to brag and spend money on things you will just sit in a chest or on a dresser to collect dust, well that is just screaming DESPERATE for
attention. Yeah, again with the desperate to fit in tactics. Listen, you do not need a bunch of things from a store for people to think your cool.
High School it may have been a thing, but adults really no ones gives a shit about that stuff. All that matters is that you bath, brush you teeth and
follow up on the personal hygene, Have ALL your teeth and they are a white, heck a little tint of yellow teeth is alright, Make sure you do not wear duct tape on your pants, that your clothes are clean and nice, No fleece jammies in
public and trust me you will do great among the peers. No need to spend money you shouldn't on things you really do not need to impress people
who really don't give a rats ass (this goes along with 7).

18. Just be True, Kind, Honest and be the best friend you can be. Everything will fall into place and you will have friends in your circle who appreciate  you, truly
love  you and not just say it just to say it, admire you, support you, and will always be there for you. Be a good friend and you will always have good friends in your
life that will also be your family. Live the guidelines and get respect where respect in earned. No haters, No fakers, No Rats, Selfish, Kids Spanking, Shit living, Desperate
Sissys. Those kind of people will earn nothing but being alone. No one likes being alone. Change your ways.
Be a good friend, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend and Lover! Well Love is, U will always have Love. Bars are not your friend! Sex is good, but bragging is trashy! Keep what goes on in your
bed in the bedroom. If there is piss and shit on the floor You the adult, PICK IT UP! And if you have something to say, say it to the person not behind their backs. Be Real, Posers are Losers!
Keep the Drama for your Momma, Hell even she does not want any so keep it locked outside where it belongs. Do not sell it cause no one will buy it! Numbers are Numbers they do
not mean nothing when it comes to those who matter. Do not Cheat, Do not Lie, Do not Use and Do not Abuse! U may think a man or woman does not notice or care that you use them,
but they do and they know and will leave you and no respectable person will want  you after that. Live in Reality! Kids come First Always! F's are not good grades. Porn is for ADULTS!
Games are for enjoyment not a babysitter! And lastly Do not just say I Love you SHOW that you love someone! Money will not buy love go with your heart!

Like or Comment if you Agree.

New Kit - Forrest Nymph (Exclusive)

Hey Everyone :)
I have a NEW kit up for sale 
it is call Forrest Nymph
It matches The Hunter's adorable Forrest Nymph tube
over at S&Co.. 

You can get both the lovely kit n tube 

Here are some GORGEOUS tags CT of S&Co made
using both the kit and tube.

CT Tags for Tiny Turtle Designs

CT Tags using the gorgeous kit
Mysterious Valentine by Tiny Turtle Designs

Tube Artist 
Tag 1 - Alex Prihodko
Tag 2 - Barbara Jensen

You can get this beautiful kit HERE


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New PTU/PU Kits

I did not get a chance to post this because my net was down for a month
but here are NEW PTU kits I put up in the stores. 

Christmas Memories
Red Guitar

Red Guitar is a kit I made to match The Hunter's Dirty Red Guitar tube that you can get at Scraps N Company! 

Both you can get a Pics for Design

Also a BOGO sale going on now til the end of January
on ALL my kits!!! 

Red Guitar is also up for sale at Scraps n Company
U can get the tube and matching kit -  HERE