Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Experience as a CT

Hey There,
Wanted to share some thoughts on my feelings being part of Designers/Artist CT
Can I just say I LOVE IT!!!
It's so rewarding and I have met some amazing people along the way.

To me being a CT means taking a Artist/Designers wonderful work
and making something to show the world how AMAZING that work really is. 
not to mention Showing Support and love for that artist.
 It shocks me, almost everyday to see just how much talent there in the paint shop pro/photoshop world.

 I love supporting artist. I do not need to get free stuff to show off a artists work.
I Love buying tubes, kits, cu items, prints, commission pieces, ACEO, etc..
I have so many prints that I bought from artist that I literally run out of room to hang them on my walls.. LOL
and tubes... Oh boy. I bought so many... It is always so hard to choose which tubes for what cause they are all so gorgeous!!! 
I do not have much, but if I have a few bucks to best believe I am buying something
mostly prints or tubes.. LOL :p 

With that being said let me explain what being a CT means to me.....

To me being part of a CT is not just getting free kits/tubes all the time.
I see people only being a part of a CT never spending a DIME on their tubes, begging and trying to beat those who spend money supporting a artist who would love to be part of a artists CT but can't cause those who are out only for free tubes BEAT those who truly deserve it to the punch and it makes me SICK!!! That is not what being a CT is all about. It is about those who truly have Love, Passion and not to mention Support for the artist and their work.

Artist needs to be fully aware of people like that.

Being part of a CT  is such a wonderful experience and yes there are lots of people who would love
to be part of a certain artists CT and have the talent to do it.
but it takes more than getting a free tube or kit .. It takes pure dedication for that artist!!!

I try my very best to support the arts
Even if I am part of your CT, you bet once in a while I will be buying something from ya :p LOL

It is truly up to the artist and who they feel is best for their CT.

I am very HONORED to be part of the CT I am part of.
I can never thank them enough for taking a chance on me and allowing me to make beautiful things with their artwork/designs. 
I Love every part of being part of your team and promise to do all I can to support, create and show off you wonderful creations. 

Thank You again from the bottom of my heart!!!
Your Amazing!!!


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