Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tag Show Off's

Hey Everyone!!

So I decided to do a TAG SHOW off post with all the tags I made
using certain artist's tubes n kits. 

I LOVE making tags, forum sets, FB Timeline's
Years ago I was put on medicine cause the Dr's thought I was depressed, Turns out I am not.. Just got extreme Anxiety and making things in Paint Shop Pro (Like Tags, Timeline's, Scrapkits and Pixels) helps calms be better than any medicine out there. It truly helps ... I am content whenever I make things and I feel so much better afterwards. It heals me and I am HAPPY in PSP land :)

There are two things that make my day .. My Boys telling me they love me 
and when someone likes what I make. 

I truly Enjoy making things that make other people Happy :)

So with that.. On with some tags!!!

I hope you like them and plz unless u are are the artist or person I made the tags for
Thanks so much!!!

Ginnibug Designz
Bibi's Collection
The Hunter
Celinart Pinup
Arthur Crowe
 Amy Marie's Kit's
Dran Design
Hania's Designs
Pin Up Toons
Pandora Creations

If Anyone is looking for CT
I can be your girl ;) LOL :p


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