Monday, October 21, 2013

My 2 Cents

I am sick to death of all the finger pointing and bashing in the PSP world!!!
Every week is someone blaming someone for being a PIRATE/THIEF and it needs to STOP already!!!
Alright we get it, there are THIEVES out there. We are aware and keeping our eyes open but to blame someone for being a Thief when they are not. It's CHILDISH! 
Unless u have Full Honest Proff that person is what u say they are, do not run your mouth .. Plain and simple!


I am Friends with Designers who were accused of being a Thief
I LOVE a certain store that is being BASHED to hell
I am friends with taggers, artist n designers who are being bashed on FB
being called awful names like C*T and Psychos etc...
And it TICKS ME THE *BEEP* OFF to see them being dragged into the dirt the way they are. 
And by what.. HATERS!!! What is the sole purpose of your bashing and finger pointing??
Unless people see the things u say for themselves your not doing anything but causing problems so why carry on with the nonsense.  If a certain artist/designer is a thief than expose them in a MATURE professional manner.
If they stole, show the proff... Allow the store manager/artist/designer be aware of the situation and let them figure out what they want to do. 
Expose, but do not blare the persons name to all hell. Calling them names will not make the situation better just show your solid proff.. let others be aware and just leave it at that. 

Do not get me wrong....
We all hate thieves as much as the next person and yes that person is bad for STEALING from a designer/artist and should be aware of what they do.
But that is a decision and a bad one at that, that person did.
It is not who the person really is.... 
  So Expose the actions they did, Do not BASH the person!!!


Honestly, what happened to just buying n supporting the artist 
and enjoying making tags (etc) with beautiful tubes n kits??


I am not gonna stop liking someone or shopping at a store because others on FB say it's BAD. 
I am a loyal friend and customer! Unless u do me wrong, I will always stay loyal. 
That is just who I am! 



  1. Well said!! Usually the person doing the bashing is only trying to cover up what they have done themselves, in a warped way it's suppose to make them feel better when all it really does is call bad attention to themselves.
    I'm behind you 100%!!