Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rebecca Sedwick Collab

Hi There
I must say I was VERY HONORED to have the oppitunity to create
this kit for a heart breaking cause.

The Collab
is in honor of a beautiful girl name Rebecca
who at the very young age of 12 took her own like due to being bullied. 
Such a Heartbreak this beautiful lil angel is no longer with us. That she felt her only way out from the hurt from bullies was to take her own life. 

Talented Amazing artist n designers came together and made a HUGE
AWESOME collab which u can get HERE for only $10
The money raised from this collab will go to Rebecca's family
in help with funeral costs or anything else they may need to get through this very tough, heartbreaking time.

Bullies are AWFUL, Just plain AWFUL
They are everywhere and can sting and burn us in all sorts of places

including cyber media. It needs to STOP and these bullies SHOULD be punished for the harm they do to people like Rebecca. 

R.I.P. Precious Angel Rebecca Sedwick
I hope you are at peace. 

Here is a preview for my part of the Collab

Here is the preview of the HUGE Collab you can get


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